Peaberry Special Blend


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As Long As A Road 
Medium to Dark Roast

Peaberry is a natural mutation in which a single bean grows on its own inside the coffee cherry, rather than with a twin. They lack the familiar flat side that normal beans have, and they are smaller than a standard bean. They are considered some of the best coffee’s in the world.

Peaberries seem to have a deeper pocket of sweetness, a more balanced structure, and a brighter acidity with notes of sweet lime, a little spicy, nutty and floral aromas.

In roasting, Peaberries have different requirements than regular beans of the same batch. Their shape requires different temperatures to ensure heat transfers into their center.


150g, 250g, 450g

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Aeropress, Channi, Coffee Filter, Cold Brew, Commercial Espresso, French Press, Home Espresso, Inverted Aeropress, Moka Pot, Pour Over, South Indian Filter, Turkish, Whole Bean


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