SINCE 1800'S

The journey of our coffee started in the late 18th century when our ancestors migrated to COORG at the time of the British rule, as their main occupation was trading in coffee and spices they traveled a lot to different parts in Coorg, India, where other relatives had their Coffee Estates. 

As they developed a liking towards the coffees and coffee plantations of Coorg, they purchased plenty of coffee estates back then and learnt the process of cultivation and very soon started exporting coffee to foreign countries. England was one of the major countries to which coffee was exported from our estates in this period.

Later our 2nd Generation planters purchased more coffee plantations and improved the methods of cultivation & processing, introduced better pulping & irrigation methods .Coffees at this period was supplied to different parts in India as well as exported to foreign countries. 

Rasulpur Estate was established by our 3rd generation planters who also set up a R & D team in which plenty of experiments were conducted and are conducted even today to improve the quality of the crop at our farms, as well as improved the processing methods. Continuing the trend coffee was sent for auctions ,projects ,supplied locally to wholesalers as well as exported to different parts of the world and also supplied to local cafes and restaurants in India.

4th & 5th Generation planters introduced better R & D equipment’s & techniques, new processing & fermenting method along with roasted & ground coffees, a laboratory was set up for roasting and cupping samples to create different roast profiles and new blends, Sourcing coffees from estates of families, friends and helping and teaching small and marginal coffee growers methods to improve the ways of cultivation and processing which fetches better premiums for their coffee’s, We supply our green and roasted coffee to cafes, restaurants and roasters, we also fermented micro lots as per our requirement and on requests for our small roasters and young entrepreneurs who are venturing into the coffee industry. We supply our freshly roasted coffee Beans/ Powder pan India .Green coffee is mainly exported to foreign countries as well as supplied locally in India. Our roasted and blended coffee is exported to the Middle East & USA both Retail & Wholesale. We WELCOME Estate tours and people who are interested in learning everything about COFFEE…………… FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR CUP

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