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We are 5th generation coffee planters showcasing the best of Shade grown, Hand picked, Certified, Single Origin, Specialty Coffees along with our Estate Specialties such as Spices , Cocoa , vanilla , Honey .... etc


"Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world."


Taste raw honey in its purest form. Bringing you pure n natural honey, straight from the banks of the river Kaveri in Coorg, devoid of any inorganic substance. Carefully extracted, meticulously preserved, it’s a mark of authenticity and as natural as it can get. Our Honey is sustainably produced at our estate and few small bee keepers around .We care about our bees and our environment.


At Rasulpur Estates we grow the best quality of Spices ,Cocoa & Vanilla .the products are handpicked, graded & sun dried. We chose quality over quantity in our products as it is direct trade we try n ensure we are economical in the cost, but we ensure that we offer the best grades possible.

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Rasulpur Coffee Estates in Coorg, India is popular for its intrinsic geographical and climatic peculiarities, Coffee here is traceable GI Tagged shade grown in a bird and animal friendly surroundings. Five generations on we continue to strive to perfect the high standards set by our ancestors, as well as developing our blends, specialty coffee, sourcing new origins and coffee farms. It is said roasting is an art, Our team selects and roasts small batches of single origin choice quality hand picked beans which are carefully hand blende to create perfect flavors for our signature range of coffee’s having delightful taste and beautiful aroma.

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