Arabian Kawa (POWDER)


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Smooth As Glider
Light to Medium Roast

Kawa (Qahwa or kahwa) is the Arabic word for coffee. Nevertheless, Arabic coffee has a specific taste that distinguishes it from how it is served in other countries. The way coffee is prepared is also different, and sometimes almost every Arabic country has its unique method of making it. It can be brewed in any manual brewer.

The Kawa is always served black with dates, fruits, cakes, bakeries and desserts, It is best recommended to served with dates.

Selected light roasted hand picked 100% coffee beans are grounded with cardamom making a perfect Kawa blend having floral notes with hint of spices cardamom and a long finish.


150g, 250g, 450g

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Aeropress, Channi, Coffee Filter, Cold Brew, Commercial Espresso, French Press, Home Espresso, Inverted Aeropress, Moka Pot, Pour Over, South Indian Filter, Turkish, Whole Bean


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