South Indian Filter Coffee


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As Old As Time
Medium to Dark Roast

South Indian filter coffee uses a drip brew process that is similar to how Vietnamese coffee is brewed. We’d recommend an overnight process if you like waking up to filter coffee. You can also brew the coffee effectively in about an hour too ,Choice is yours. Transfer the desired amount of coffee (ideal measurement is three heaped teaspoons for two cups of coffee) to the upper cup and flatten it with the plunger or stem. Sprinkle a small quantity of coffee over the stem and then sprinkle some white sugar over this powder (this step adds a slight caramelisation to the coffee ). Pour warm (not boiling) water over the coffee and let it brew. Remember good filter coffee takes time. This blend is a mix of 80% coffee and 20% chicory offering you the flavor of coffee with the mouthfeel and color enhanced by chicory. A blend that is perfectly balanced and leaves the taste with a pleasant sweetness.


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